Our Vision

Our vision is to create a mobile app loyalty builder that breaks down barriers, making loyalty programs accessible to everyone at a minimal cost. 

We envision a platform where businesses of all sizes can effortlessly implement and manage loyalty programs, fostering deeper connections with their customers.

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About Company

TheLoyaltyAPP firm was founded in 2020 in Cyprus.

We made the decision to invest in a solution to help any organization to offer rewards.

Now loyalty app is deployed in Greece, Cyprus and UAE, while master agreements are under discussions in  several countries.


Develop our vision

Our loyalty experience started in 2018 by offering our liquidation products to a local petrol company.



We hire a software development firm in India to undertake the primary project, estimating approximately 5000 hours of programming.



After the master scope completed we move the fine tuning to our greek team which is where our current developing occurs.


Fine Tuning

Our programming and operations teams synergize their efforts to meticulously fine-tune every feature.


Go Market

In Q2 2024, we are marking a significant milestone. We are introducing theloyaltyapp.eu to UAE, Greece, and Cyprus.

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