List of ERP features

Standard features

Unlock a plethora of features including Inventory management, streamlined CRM,  & powerful marketing tools.

Engaging features

Experience an array of features like bonus points, automatic gifting, customizable customer tiers, and more.


ERP Features


Full access to our comprehensive CRM system, empowering you to efficiently manage your customers.

Name Day Gift

Delight your customers with automatic name day gifts tailored to each individual.

Push Notifications

Easily connect with your customers by sending personalized push notifications directly from our Backend.

Sing up Gift

Welcome new customers with a personalized sign-up gift tailored just for them, adding an extra touch.


Effortlessly control your inventory and pricing through our intuitive backend management system.

Birthday Gift

Surprise and delight your customers with a special birthday gift, showing them how much they mean to you.

Customer Tier

Customize your customer tiers, colors, and bonus points rules with ease using our flexible configuration options.

Long Time customer Gift

Reward your loyal customers with a special gift, celebrating their long-term support and valued partnership.

Stock by Locations

Efficiently manage your inventory by location, store, or warehouse, ensuring precise control and optimization.

Anniversary Gift

Captivate your customers with automated anniversary gifts created through our app!


Easily implement product discounts based on individual products, groups, or categories.

Email Marketing

Utilize our comprehensive email marketing system to effectively communicate with your customers.

Receipt Barcode

Scan and earn points effortlessly using our integrated receipt barcode system, making loyalty rewards hassle-free.


Easily issue coupons to your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and fostering loyalty.

Conditional Bonus

Reward users with continuous points based on barcode scans while control  frequency.


Effortlessly manage the purchasing and distribution of redeem gifts with our intuitive control system.